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Integrated Management System


Integrated Management System is an integrated system of management, which refers to one of the systems that can meet the requirements of two or more other standards. Each organization can choose and define their own to integrate some combination of management system in accordance with the needs of the organization

Typically the systems that can be integrated consist of : 

  • ~  ISO 9001 : Quality Management System
  • ~  ISO 14001 : Environmental Management System
  • ~  OHSAS 18001 : Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • ~  ISO/TS 16949 : Quality Management System for Automotive Indusry
  • ~  ISO/PAS 28000 : Security Management System for Supply Chain
  • ~  ISO 20000 : Information Technology - Service Management System
  • ~  ISO 22000 : Food Safety Management System
  • ~  HACCP : Food Safety System
  • ~  ISO 13485 : Quality Managment System untuk Medical Devices
  • ~  ISO/IEC 17025 : Competence of Testing & Calibration Laboratories
  • ~  ISO/IEC 27001 : Information Security Management System
  • ~  TL 9000 : Telecommunication Management System
  • ~  AS 9100 : Quality Management System for Aerospace Industry


The benefits and convenience that can not be calculated as follows:

  1. Facilitate the maintenance of a variety of management system by eliminating and reducing documentation and reduce duplication of effort to integrate his multiple portfolios and processes simultaneously
  2. While certification, each system will be assessed / audited both single audit standards as certified by several different
  3. Eliminate a variety of audit can menghemet time, save costs and minimize disruption audit organization's business activities
  4. With a single system, a good resource empowerment, lack of conflict of interests and priorities and focus

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