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H2S Risk Management


H2S Risk Management within Oil & Gas industry is critical to safe operation and, most importantly, the safety of personnel. The process of identification, understanding and prioritisation of an H2S hazards effect being realised lies at the core of safe and reliable H2S Risk Management 

Hopelmar's H2S team provide the best consulting services in design and development system for all your needs consisting of:


H2S Contingency Planning is integral part of the preperation for any operation where there may be potential of encontering H2S.

A typical H2S contingency plan will document key requirement and actions to be followed during an H2S emergency. Hopelmar has a wealth of experience developing operation specific H2S contingency plans.

Our consultants can help with creating H2S contingency plans 'from scratch' or can be engaged to conduct an indepth review of customers existing plans with recommendations to ensure the most robust measures are in place to protect personnel and plant in the event of an H2S emergency.

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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is the single biggest killer of workers in the oil & gas industry FACT..!! Have you considered all the risks involved in operating in a known H2S area?

A few simple questions for you to consider :

  1. Are you working in a known H2S geographical zone, is there a history of H2S in this area?
  2. Is the reservoir location that you are working to located within a known geological formation that may contain H2S?
  3. Will you operations increase the risk of H2S being released to atmosphere where the workforce will be present?
  4. Do all personnel need to be working / located in the area?
  5. Have you taken all the engineering steps to negate the risk of exposing the work force to H2S or other non-life supportive atmosphere?
  6. Does your evacuation plan take into account the possibilities of increasing toxic hazards around your primary evacuation routes?

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