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Confined Space Entry

confined space

The important thing to remember is that each time a worker plans to enter any work space, the worker should determine if that work space is considered a confined space. Be sure the confined space hazard assessment and control program has been followed.


Hopelmar provides Confined Space Specialit and Technicians assignment services to install, commission, test, calibrate and maintain the supplied equipment. Our Professionals are trained and qualified to Assistance in clarification of potential atmospheric hazard for confined space


Hopelmar provides rental services for up-to-date Confined Space Equipment. The equipment package includes : 

  1. Portable electronic gas detectors
  2. Portable plunger type gas detectors with tube
  3. 5, 10, & 30 minutes air packs and work line units
  4. Bottle bank of 2, 4, 6 & 8 cilinders of 300 cu.ft.each
  5. Electronic or diesel breathing ai compressors
  6. Integrated air loop system
  7. Confined Blower
  8. Other or multiple accessories
Please contact our Customer Support for detail information..!!


H2S - Hidrogen Sulfide

h2sHidrogen Sulfide is an extremely toxic, colourless, flammable gas with a rotten egg smell. H2S is a serious danger to human life, and where the protection of human life is involved, no compromises can be made !

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